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Dreams I never dreamed of…

I had a┬ávery pellucid dream today morning – one in which you can read the micro expressions that the many faces show, one in which you feel for what you say, one in which you wish to explain something to someone with all your will and emotion, one in which you yearn to protect someone.

I was talking about Continue reading “Dreams I never dreamed of…”

Mortality is a bitter realisation

Look around you. Every element that constitutes your environment has a clock. A clock that is not as tangible as the one you flaunt. A clock that keeps ticking. It is ticking even now as you are reading this blog. Nothing is permanent. And one day, this clock would be significant of this truth. The biggest truth of life – death; subtly put – Mortality.

So, there are these elements that Continue reading “Mortality is a bitter realisation”

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