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Travelogues °1 | Hong Kong

Once upon a time, a man started off on a journey, leaving behind all the things that have today become the levers of our survival – things such as desire, family, love, happiness, achievement. He did not intend to create history. He did not intend to found a religion. He did not intend to be followed. Nor did he intend to be a god. However, his journey of self exploration and the eventual discovery of the within sowed the seeds of what he, I am sure, would have never expected. The world knows him as Continue reading “Travelogues °1 | Hong Kong”

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The art of unknown

I was reading an article on where did universe come from. Before I could proceed ahead, I concluded that it was all spontaneous. At one moment there was no expectation of what was about to happen in the next second, in the next second all of this happened. What would happen if I took a balloon of red colour and threw it at a white wall? The splash would create a mark. The constituents of that mark could be leveled down into numerous levels with each level an existence in its own, a universe in its own. What if we’re part of one such splash?

Back to the splash that I created on the wall. What if this splash Continue reading “The art of unknown”

5 things that made Chennai awesome to me

Years ago when human establishments started growing, newer terms were discovered to tag these establishments. Villages, towns, cities, states, countries etc. found their way into the dictionary to classify these establishments. Over time, and undergoing the only constant thing i.e change, these establishments have been associated with a particular image of their own. For example, the image that comes into your mind when you hear Las Vegas would definitely be different from the image that you imagine when you hear Varanasi (in most cases). Whatever be the image that you have of a city, every city has many things to offer. One such city is Chennai. Continue reading, It’s free!

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