Inquisitive – a human ability to go agog in order to know something that has been unknown so far to one’s mind

Hi there! And thank you for stopping by. My sincere and honest gratitude for your interest and inquisitiveness towards knowing more about 279One.

279One is a representation of a human mind – hence it cannot speak only about one thing. Because there is a lot going on in one’s mind at a lot many times. 279One is not a career blog, it is not a marketing Guru’s entry, it is not a traveler’s diary, it is not a financial analyst’s one stop source of information, it is not a food blog or one that talks about how to take care of Beaucerons in winters. It is all of these and it is none of these. It is just what our mind is – a Mixed bag, with just one difference i.e the presence of tags.

So sit back, scroll, read, relax else switch tabs.

Happy Scrolling! 🙂