Things have changed forever. Relations have changed forever. I’m living two life sayings as of now: Change is inevitable, The world is but a mere stage.

You grow up looking up to someone or something. You mark them as the symbol of strength. You know that if anything goes wrong, that one personality is there to correct all mistakes and take responsibility. Something goes wrong, terribly wrong. Only this time, your symbol of strength starts to shatter. Over time, it’s heartening to switch roles with that same person. The process is even painful when you see the weakening of that strong character in your life. One who was dependable is now becoming a dependent. The process takes a toll on you when you start treating with disrespect the people who taught you how to respect. A caress on the head now seems disturbing, a word of care sounds deafening, an action of worry starts annoying, a hug filled with pride seems embarrassing. This is wrong though. I know that, eventually, time will pass by. Another unwanted event would make me realise the term mortality. The colour of my shoe would change to that of guilt.  What started as a process of staying strong made me aggressive to emotions of care…

Years down the line, I would again go through the same cycle. This time, living what I inflicted. I’m tired of staying strong.