I was reading an article on where did universe come from. Before I could proceed ahead, I concluded that it was all spontaneous. At one moment there was no expectation of what was about to happen in the next second, in the next second all of this happened. What would happen if I took a balloon of red colour and threw it at a white wall? The splash would create a mark. The constituents of that mark could be leveled down into numerous levels with each level an existence in its own, a universe in its own. What if we’re part of one such splash?

Back to the splash that I created on the wall. What if this splash was insanely flat? Flat to the level of having only two dimensions? There would be no other dimension. In such a world, how would one entity know about the existence of the other? No matter how much it tried to think and discover, I had deprived it of the most essential element necessary to look to the side.  The third dimension.

Back to us. What if we can never tap into that next dimension? What if the habit of being optimistic and hopeful has misguided us to believe that time is that fourth dimension? But it’s not. It’s altogether something else. Only aware to the one who has created the splash. There is a theory that the bigger you are the slower is the time for you. What if this bigger thing has just created a splash and left while we continue to be a part of the never ending expanding splash.

Maybe these are questions from ignorance.. Probably that’s why I’m still in a bus and not in front of the Hubble space telescope.