My first experience of being stuck in a city when nature starts showing her strengths. And what not has been running through my mind. It is hard to imagine that I am in the city where in you couldn’t stand the sun in 8’ish morning because of the heat, the same city that would make your blood boil and give you a feeling of your skin burning in April. Hard to believe, it is the same city that in which a look outside the window at the moment of this writing seems as though the sun has just set and it is one of the foggy days of the Indian winters. But that’s mistaking the cloud and the rain for the former two. As I write this, I am sitting at the desk which has given me the best of my work experience so far. I am in the 12th floor of a sea facing tower. While the aerial distance should be around 3 – 4 km, you can still see Maersk and many other floatibles in the sea. However, today at the edge of the extent till which the eyes can look is a misty image of rain, cloud, sea and land.

A terrible place to be at, and for some reason, I feel this mixture is approaching the tower nearer and nearer. In that mist, in that uncertain white mass is where I would be sleeping tonight – in the guest house. And all of a sudden as I complete the previous statement I think it might not be a good decision to go nearer to the sea. it would rather be a better decision to stay here in this 12 floor building rather than go to a guest house that might just be flooded in the night. I have never had this feeling before. I try to make something outside the window, the same one that gave me beautiful sights of the sea, the seagulls and the boats, but to no success. I remember I would come early in the morning to see the rising sun shine and create a golden line on the sea, the point where the two lovers kissed each other. You could differentiate between two waves from this distance. But as of now, I am craving for the sun! What worries me further is that I have a flight to catch tomorrow and I’ve been told that the way to the airport has been flooded. I was planning to walk all the way but I’ve been told that road caves have started emerging on the most exquisite of the government’s investments.

As of now, I hope I live to comment on this post a week from now in a different city, one which is not being punished by mother nature.