I had a very pellucid dream today morning – one in which you can read the micro expressions that the many faces show, one in which you feel for what you say, one in which you wish to explain something to someone with all your will and emotion, one in which you yearn to protect someone.

I was talking about figs and olive oil. I was talking about why figs and olive oil need to be an important part of our daily diet, what are their nutritional benefits, why should we have green tea everyday, how is green tea good for heart. Fast forward a little, the dream is over. I am in another dream in which I’m panting after a jogging session. I’m explaining why jogging is beneficial and why one should at least walk, if not jog. Noting my concern, my mother smiles and listens to me. She admires how I’ve grown up and understood the importance of health. The alarm rings. I wake up to see a 6 something, in the clock. Concentrating hard in order to resume the dream, I go back to sleep. Yet another dream. I am in a bus and it’s raining. I ‘m watching the drops trickle down on the glass window. But, I am not able to dream of her anymore. It was always her wish to do something, such as to worry or not to worry too much, and so was it now whether to be a part of my dream.

I wake up to reality and realize the big irreplaceable void in my life. I don’t have my creator anymore with me. I don’t have my God anymore with me. I don’t have my mother anymore with me. And it is a dream that I had never thought of dreaming. Now, every time I go to sleep, I hope I see you one last time.

Miss you Maa.