Look around you. Every element that constitutes your environment has a clock. A clock that is not as tangible as the one you flaunt. A clock that keeps ticking. It is ticking even now as you are reading this blog. Nothing is permanent. And one day, this clock would be significant of this truth. The biggest truth of life – death; subtly put – Mortality.

So, there are these elements that make up your life and they have this clock that keeps ticking and there is absolutely no way to find out about the exact moment when the clock would stop. Ignorant of this knowledge, you become negligent towards the element and start taking its existence for granted. Slowly, into your life, creeps in the thought that nothing can go wrong and nothing that bad can ever happen to you. Ignoring mortality РHeight of optimism!

And, then the moment comes when all of a sudden that element ceases to exist. All you are left with is the last time you had the element in proximity and were attached to it. But “some things” are lost and no matter how much you try to retrace your steps, you will never get close to these long lost building blocks of your life. These “some things” are more lost than your misplaced car keys or wallet. These “some things” are gone forever. And slowly again, creeps in guilt. In the form of an anchor, it pulls your heart down and overtime you realise that retracing your steps is not going to work anymore. Sometimes loss takes the face of mortality. And all you are left with are memories.