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July 2015

A Celebration as an Oscar Nomination

I have a nomination for the Oscars (assuming that the jury would reach out to an arm-chaired blogger). It surely is one of the best and never seen before concepts – the next level of real time movie experience. An experience in which no one knows the script, neither the director nor the cast. The movie has many characters. And, all of them are chasing one particular goal – the cry of victory. The emotions are more real than an Oscar nominee can portray. The time is real time. The story is changing constantly and the end is unpredictable. The men at the camera work to give a Hubble Space Telescope like precision. The budget is insanely crazy. But, the cast is not here to act. It is here to perform its best with sweat and blood. This cast is from two nations and this movie has a viewership of a quarter of the world population. It is like an India v/s Pakistan Cricket match. Oh wait! Continue reading “A Celebration as an Oscar Nomination”

Mortality is a bitter realisation

Look around you. Every element that constitutes your environment has a clock. A clock that is not as tangible as the one you flaunt. A clock that keeps ticking. It is ticking even now as you are reading this blog. Nothing is permanent. And one day, this clock would be significant of this truth. The biggest truth of life – death; subtly put – Mortality.

So, there are these elements that Continue reading “Mortality is a bitter realisation”

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