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Travelogues °1 | Hong Kong

Once upon a time, a man started off on a journey, leaving behind all the things that have today become the levers of our survival – things such as desire, family, love, happiness, achievement. He did not intend to create history. He did not intend to found a religion. He did not intend to be followed. Nor did he intend to be a god. However, his journey of self exploration and the eventual discovery of the within sowed the seeds of what he, I am sure, would have never expected. The world knows him as Continue reading “Travelogues °1 | Hong Kong”

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Tired of staying strong

Things have changed forever. Relations have changed forever. I’m living two life sayings as of now: Change is inevitable, The world is but a mere stage.

You grow up looking up to someone or something. You mark them as the symbol of strength. You know that if anything goes wrong, that one personality is there to correct all mistakes and take responsibility. Something goes wrong, terribly wrong. Only this time, your symbol of strength starts to shatter. Over time, it’s heartening to switch roles with that same person. The process is even painful when you see the weakening of that strong character in your life. One who was dependable is now becoming a dependent. The process takes a toll on you when you start treating with disrespect the people who taught you how to respect. A caress on the head now seems disturbing, a word of care sounds deafening, an action of worry starts annoying, a hug filled with pride seems embarrassing. This is wrong though. I know that, eventually, time will pass by. Another unwanted event would make me realise the term mortality. The colour of my shoe would change to that of guilt.  What started as a process of staying strong made me aggressive to emotions of care…

Years down the line, I would again go through the same cycle. This time, living what I inflicted. I’m tired of staying strong.


On History, Life and Remembrance: Lessons from The Sense of an Ending by Julian Barnes

The art of words is a mysterious one to learn. The art of words is an even mysterious one to understand; given certain recent events of the past. However, lives up to this mysterious expectation, a masterpiece of art and words – The Sense of an ending – by Julian Barnes, an author who can complete an entire life cycle in just few statements while retaining all the beauties and disparities that life throws at one.

No Spoilers ahead. Here are a few lines that I find intriguing, mind boggling and makes me respect the author’s creativity.

On History:

“History is that certainty produced at the point where the imperfections of Continue reading “On History, Life and Remembrance: Lessons from The Sense of an Ending by Julian Barnes”

The art of unknown

I was reading an article on where did universe come from. Before I could proceed ahead, I concluded that it was all spontaneous. At one moment there was no expectation of what was about to happen in the next second, in the next second all of this happened. What would happen if I took a balloon of red colour and threw it at a white wall? The splash would create a mark. The constituents of that mark could be leveled down into numerous levels with each level an existence in its own, a universe in its own. What if we’re part of one such splash?

Back to the splash that I created on the wall. What if this splash Continue reading “The art of unknown”


I have never craved to see the sun so much

My first experience of being stuck in a city when nature starts showing her strengths. And what not has been running through my mind. It is hard to imagine that I am in the city where in you couldn’t stand the sun in 8’ish morning because of the heat, the same city that would make your blood boil and give you a feeling of your skin burning in April. Hard to believe, it is the same city that in which a look outside the window at the moment of this writing seems as though the sun has just set and it is one of the foggy days of the Indian winters. But that’s mistaking Continue reading “I have never craved to see the sun so much”

Dreams I never dreamed of…

I had a very pellucid dream today morning – one in which you can read the micro expressions that the many faces show, one in which you feel for what you say, one in which you wish to explain something to someone with all your will and emotion, one in which you yearn to protect someone.

I was talking about Continue reading “Dreams I never dreamed of…”

Some5things about the 25th President of the United States

A milestone president of the oldest democracy, William McKinley was one of the most significant presidents of the United States. Certainly, a single blog post would not be able to encompass the life of such a great personality. But, here are 5 things that are a few of the must remember about a must know personality. Continue reading “Some5things about the 25th President of the United States”

A Celebration as an Oscar Nomination

I have a nomination for the Oscars (assuming that the jury would reach out to an arm-chaired blogger). It surely is one of the best and never seen before concepts – the next level of real time movie experience. An experience in which no one knows the script, neither the director nor the cast. The movie has many characters. And, all of them are chasing one particular goal – the cry of victory. The emotions are more real than an Oscar nominee can portray. The time is real time. The story is changing constantly and the end is unpredictable. The men at the camera work to give a Hubble Space Telescope like precision. The budget is insanely crazy. But, the cast is not here to act. It is here to perform its best with sweat and blood. This cast is from two nations and this movie has a viewership of a quarter of the world population. It is like an India v/s Pakistan Cricket match. Oh wait! Continue reading “A Celebration as an Oscar Nomination”

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